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8 Ways To Facilitate Birth

Childbirth and labor:

Going through the birth process with three basic stages, and begin the symptoms of labor in the first stage and this stage to stretch the cervix fully any for the equivalent of 10 cm, extending the second phase of the complete cervical dilatation until the birth of the child, for the second stage begins after the birth until the descent of the placenta is complete, and the first stage of Labor is the longest of the three stages as they divided into the three phases of the branch are; developed early labor that expands the cervix to 3 cm, and its symptoms between 8-12 hours, and are characterized by contractions of light and regular that occur every 5-30 minutes, Become a stronger, more balanced, and show these contractions The form of pain, cramps like menstrual cramps, in addition to a feeling of tightness in the pelvic area, it should be noted that what is known as water head or amniotic fluid may begin to conflict in this stage.

Displays the second stage of Labor first as the phase of the activity that causes the dilation of the cervix from three centimeters up to seven centimeters long, and sustained for 3-5 hours, the occurrence of the contractions strong, long that lasts for between 45-60 seconds, and repeated every 3-5 minutes, and this phase of time to go women to the hospital, the last phase defines the mode transition may continue for two hours, and the cervix dilates until it reaches ten centimeters, and the contractions for a period ranging between 60-90 seconds every two minutes approximately, So the contractions in this phase become more strength and intensity as they become nested, and this phase The most difficult and short stages of birth.

Ways to facilitate birth

Natural methods:

There are a number of Natural Advice and methods that help facilitate the birth process, including the following:

Using Heat:

He put hot water in a bottle, covered it with cloth, then put it on the body to relieve pain and muscle spasms.

The use of a warm-water birth basin at the onset of labor signs and the expansion of the cervix by 5 cm.

Put a warm compress on the area between the back of the opening of the vagina and perineum after the appearance of the baby’s head, to help reduce the pain and reduce the risk of acute rupture in the region.

Breathing techniques: it can help to follow some breathing techniques to alleviate pain during childbirth, so be careful on trying to relax while breathing and taking a deep breath, in addition, to inhale through the nose and eject the air exhale through the open mouth of a small opening, try taking deep breaths during contractions frequent and exhale with stop these contractions.

Take sufficient sleep: you must get sufficient rest especially in the stages of Labor, first, by rest in bed or on a chair, and put a lot of pillows near the incident, and get a hot drink and try to relax.

Massage: the back massage helps to increase the temperature of the skin, the secretion of natural painkillers, and it should be noted to the need to consult the doctor before using one of the aromatherapy oils to ensure the possibility of using during pregnancy.

Support: help the survival of the husband with his wife during this stage to support her psychologically and support to feel comfortable and facilitate the process of birth.


There are a number of pain medications that can be used during labor as needed, these medicines to relieve pain quickly, which helps the need to focus the energy of its contractions, and these medications include:

Pain relievers: help pain relievers to alleviate the pain but do not prevent it fully, as it does not affect sensation or movement of muscles, can these drugs cause side effects for the mother such as sleepiness, nausea, it can also have harmful effects on the fetus.

Numb club: this method is used for the relief of pain during labor by blocking the feeling of pain in certain areas of the body, and can be used this way to relieve pain during a natural birth or cesarean section.

Sedatives: don’t hide this pain medication, but it may help to calm the women who feel strong anxiety and may cause sedatives have some side effects for the mother and the fetus, as they may make remember the details of the birth difficult for the mother.

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