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After a vaginal birth, your body needs a period of postpartum recovery, which is quite normal. The length of time depends on your overall health, but it may take a year before your body regains its original state before conception. You may experience a number of unpleasant symptoms in the weeks after birth, so it’s important to consult your doctor if you have any concerns.


Sanitary pads and underwear:

Choose large sanitary pads that have the property of breathing. With regard to underwear choose cotton ones. It is essential that you change your sanitary pads constantly throughout the day to prevent the growth of bacteria that breed in wet places and give yourself a sense of cleanliness and freshness.


 Do not mind the use of painkillers, but do not increase them and take them as necessary after consulting your doctor.

The bath of the lower body:

 It is to immerse only the lower part of your body, and the best way to work this bath is to fill the bathtub and sit in it without lying down. If your doctor allows it, follow this advice. You can do this bath twice a day, making sure the area is dry afterwards.

Constipation Remedies:

You may suffer from constipation due to childbirth and defecation may be painful and affect the wound, so use laxatives stomach, whether by eating laxatives natural or laxative drink from the pharmacy.

Drinking water:

Water will help you to heal very well.

Loose clothing:

Tight clothes will not suit you after birth. At this point, you need to keep your blood flowing to help it heal.

Vitamins and supplements:

 Your diet may be incomplete and balanced after birth, so use vitamins and supplements, but make sure not to interfere with your breastfeeding your baby.

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