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10 Things to take care of your Newborn

Taking care of a newborn baby in the first few months is a key factor in maintaining a healthy baby, which is why parents may need to step up their efforts during the early stages of a baby’s life.

The arrival of a new baby in the family raises many conflicting feelings. Although parents may be very enthusiastic about introducing their baby to their new home, they are likely to be scared and confused when it comes to their ability to meet the child’s basic needs.

In fact, it takes time to recognize your child and understand his or her own needs, especially when you realize that these needs vary from child to child. In general, the following tips and advice will help you take care of him during the first months of his birth.


Once a child is born, it is necessary to assess his or her health to determine the integrity of its vital functions such as heart rate, breathing, muscle strength, skin color and the child’s ability to respond to stimuli.


The first day of the child at home is often the most difficult moment since parents will start taking care of their child on their own without the advice of a doctor. Therefore, before leaving the hospital, care must be taken to get answers to all questions regarding childcare, which keeps the parents ready to face any emergency, as well as that will give them more confidence and calm.


Wash your hands thoroughly with soap and water before touching the newborn, to avoid catching infections and diseases. It should be noted that the immunity of the newborn child is weak, which requires avoiding contact with patients so as not to risk the infection of viruses and bacteria.


Ventilation of the house is very important, and at the same time be careful to regulate its temperature, as well as keep it clean because dust and smoke can cause your child health damage.


At this stage, mothers may have difficulty breastfeeding the baby, but you should not worry because it is only necessary to follow the instructions provided by the doctor.

The newborn should be breastfeeding eight times a day or whenever required, taking care not to exceed four hours between each breastfeeding.


At the same time, the mother should not lose sight of cleaning her breasts once a day with chemical-free soap and water, to ensure that the infant avoids mouth disease. The mother is likely to feel pain or notice a slight swelling in the breast due to the increase in the body’s milk production, but this does not panic.


Crying is one of the most worrying factors for parents, but it is normal in the early periods after the baby is born. Since the child expresses his or her needs by crying, parents must check whether they are hungry, need to change their diaper or suffer from illness.


You can check if your baby’s body temperature is mild by touching his or her hands or feet. If parents notice that the baby’s hands or feet are cold, they should warm them and be careful not to overdo it. In this case, it is advisable to consult a pediatrician for advice.


Some believe that babies should be bathed from birth, while others believe they should wait at least a week for the umbilical cord to heal after the umbilical cord is cut. In all cases, here’s the right way to bathe your baby during the first months.

First – shower with a soft sponge:

The baby can be cleaned twice or three times a week using a soft sponge for bathing. It is also worth using warm water and soap for children. Cleaning starts from the upper part of the body to the lower part.

Second- Complete bathroom:

In this case, it is recommended to use a soap specially made for infants and wait two or three days for re-bathing again, in order to maintain the natural fat that protects his skin from allergies. In the meantime, care must be taken that the room temperature is appropriate.


Clothing made of cotton material is recommended while avoiding fabrics that contain synthetic fibers.

Finally, the care that a newborn needs during the first few months is very special, and the cleanliness of both the mother and the child is essential.

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