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Sleeping Positions During Pregnancy – The Best Positions

pregnancy period :

Pregnancy is one of the most important periods in the life of any woman, especially if it is the first time, it is necessary to adhere to many things that save her health and the health of the fetus as well, for example pay attention to what the daily work you do, how many hours of sleep and rest during the day, and how to sleep, What are the appropriate clothes, in addition to the quality of food appropriate; especially that these things do not affect the fetus in the womb only, but some of them affect the child after birth and in the future.

sleeping positions during pregnancy:

The tips that can be directed to pregnant women vary according to gestational age, and gestational age is divided into three periods; the first period extends from the beginning of pregnancy to the third month, the second period extends from the third month to the sixth month, the last period extends from the sixth month until the date of birth which It may be rare in the seventh or eighth month until the ninth, which is normal, and here are tips that women should take into account:

The first stages of pregnancy:

In the early stages of pregnancy a woman should lie down and sleep on her back only, while avoiding sleep permanently abdominal, and reduce the movement during sleep as much as possible, it is known that the fetus in the early stages is blood collected.

Intermediate stage:

In the middle stage of pregnancy, a woman can sleep on one side with a preference for the left side on the right, in addition to the possibility of sleeping on the back while avoiding a sleeping abdomen.

 Final stage:

In the last stage of pregnancy, women are advised to lie down on one side, while avoiding back sleep altogether.

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