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The Best Age to Get Pregnant, According to Moms “Golden Period”

The Best Age to Get Pregnant:

Many women, especially newlyweds, pose many questions about the best age at which they can get pregnant, without causing harm or harm to them or their children. Although a large proportion of our mothers and grandmothers have married and have had most of their children in a young age of only 20 The doctors and specialists in this field have determined the best age of pregnancy and childbearing in women, which is confined between twenty and thirty-five years of age on different races and races, and this is due to the full development of the woman’s body, especially the reproductive system, with its willingness and ability to induce fertilization and receive For a fetus after the age of twenty.

Pregnancy under the age of twenty:

Doctors warn of the risk of pregnancy and frequent pregnancies for girls under the age of 16, because they are more susceptible to preeclampsia that threatens the life of the mother and her baby, and other serious complications of pregnancy and pelvic narrowing that may end with cesarean delivery, and the fetus is exposed to a sharp decrease in vitamins and minerals This can cause deformity, but between the ages of 17 and 20, pregnancy can be safer, with little chance of giving birth to a deformed and thin baby, especially if the mother neglects to feed her.

Pregnancy between 20 and 25 years:

The best age stages of pregnancy where the mother is at its best physical and health and the eggs have reached the appropriate stage of maturity, which facilitates the occurrence of fertilization, in addition to regular menstrual cycle at this age.

Pregnancy between 26 and 35 Years:

It is a very suitable age stage for pregnancy with a very small increase in the likelihood of having a deformed child. At this stage, the mother must get proper nutrition to ensure her health and that of her fetus, in addition to obtaining dietary supplements for pregnancy, especially vitamins and calcium.

Pregnancy after 35 years:

Pregnancy at this age and beyond is considered a significant risk to the health of the mother and her fetus, especially in mothers with diabetes, high blood pressure, cholesterol, and heart failure. Maternal osteoporosis, joint pain, and tooth loss also increase the likelihood of having a highly deformed child, miscarriage, fetal death or even maternal death.

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