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When the pregnancy test should be done

Pregnancy test time:

Pregnancy test time the time for a pregnancy test is the time when the menstrual cycle is delayed. The sensitivity of the test to the amount of the hormone, and thus will detect the pregnancy or not faster, about seven days after the occurrence of pregnancy.

Indications for a pregnancy test

Delayed menstrual cycle: Delaying the menstrual cycle is the first sign of the need for a pregnancy test. Be aware that the delay is not associated with stress or a certain diet or other factors affecting it.

Convulsions: Convulsions are a common symptom between the menstrual cycle and pregnancy, which may lead to confusion between them.

Breast Allergies: Breasts are allergic to their large size and pain in the nipples. This is due to an increase in the hormones estrogen and progesterone in the blood, which works to support the development of the fetus.

Feeling of different body condition: Women are usually aware of the health status of their body, and accordingly, the emergence of some of the symptoms prompted her to do a pregnancy test, and these symptoms include nausea and aversion to food, as well as both fatigue and increase the number of times of urination.

Types of pregnancy tests:

Urine test: Urine tests to detect pregnancy are easy and convenient, especially that they can be done at home, as well as they come with instructions to use the reading to follow the accuracy of its work, usually women resort to these tests after a week after the delay of the menstrual cycle. The result was positive. The next step is to follow up with the doctor for more accurate tests.

Blood test: This type of pregnancy test is carried out in the doctor’s office and is characterized by the fact that it can be done within 6-8 days after ovulation, which is earlier in the pregnancy but compared to urine tests, it takes longer to find out.

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